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Connect with fellow founders, investors and industry experts, pitch your case and get to know the unique network in one of the most dynamic economic regions of Germany at Heilbronn Slush‘D – the ultimate networking event for startups!

Take advantage of opportunities to maximize your event experience by applying to pitch on stage.

Full access to events and breakout sessions

Use this platform to showcase your ideas by taking part in a range of activities. Seize the moment! Take part in live workshops, break the ice with creative activities, and be prepared to meet game changer. Come and see for yourself what Heilbronn Slush‘D 2023 has in store for you!

Drive the future, forge connection

Become a part of Germany‘s only official Slush branch with international reach. Entrepreneurs and founders, you‘re the pioneers shaping tomorrow’s society with your vision. At Heilbronn Slush‘D, share your startup journey with committed students and build a network of innovative and like-minded people. The next generation of trailblazers are waiting for you!

startup Booths and startup Pool Seats

Seeking visibility for your startup? Discover our Startup Booth and Startup Pool Seat Experience – platforms that provide you with brand presence. This dedicated spaces feature internet access, power supply, and a logo display.

* Heilbronn Slush’D Pool Seat offer: Secure a spot at our Shared Desk in the Innovation Area, complete with internet and power access. Be present with your logo showcased in the Startup Innovation Area & on our website.

* Heilbronn Slush’D Startup Booth package: Elevate your presence with a standing table equipped with internet, power, and logo display. Be present with your logo featured in the Startup Showcase Area & on our website.

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