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SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

from 1:00pm to 1:00am (CET)​

Build meaningful B2B tech relationships in one day at Germany’s newest business festival.

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Bringing Europe's largest startup festival to Germany




What is Slush?

A student-led not-for-profit movement that was founded in Finland in 2008 to change the entrepreneurial mindset of students.

With a mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

The Slush annual event is where startups, investors, corporations, and policymakers from all over the world gather in Helsinki to foster meaningful connections.

What is Heilbronn Slush'D?

An independent entrepreneurship event led by local ecosystem teams to connect and co-create opportunities for the ecosystem under the slush ethos.

The event's goal is to provide local ecosystems with a platform to foster entrepreneurship agendas while tapping into the Slush global community.

Heilbronn Slush'D is limited to 600 attendees and it's the perfect event to bring the local ecosystems together.


  • Heilbronn Slush’D will be a one-day festival event packed with inspiring sessions and wow-moments.​
  • Keynote speeches and fireside chats
  • Startups pitches and exhibits
  • Networking opportunities including a Venture Lounge
  • Great people and after-party


  • In attempt to create value for everyone attending Heilbronn Slush’D strives to bring together a curated group of startups – founders and decision makers​.
  • Investors – Business Angels, VCs, CVCs, Family Offices, LPs
  • Companies: owners, top decision makers, New Venture, and startup managers.
  • ​Future Founders – students planning to join or launch their own startup.
  • Everyone else is welcome to partner with or sponsor the event.


    • Heilbronn Slush’D is organized by a group of partners that all do their best to invite all relevant players from their respective ​networks.
    • If you have not received an invitation (yet) but want to participate, please request an invitation HERE.


  • Heilbronn Slush’D focuses on topics that are relevant to our ecosystem.​
    These are predominantly B2B and include (but are not limited to):
    • Industry 4.0 / IIoT
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • LearnTech / HR Tech / New Work Innovations


  • Heilbronn Slush’D ​is about bringing together the most amazing people from the ecosystem and beyond.
  • In the perfect world, everyone participating in the event is so interesting and relevant that he or she could also be a speaker.

  • Heilbronn Slush’D offers “Ecosystem Partnerships” for organizations and networks in relevant fields, such as startup programs, industry networks, business angels/investor groups, and others. We are very grateful to to all organizations and individuals who step up and provide support to make Heilbronn Slush’D a smashing success.
  • Reach out to us HERE.


  •  Slush’D has been licensed to and is presented by Campus Founders and a variety of strong partners and supporters. We are very grateful to all organizations and individuals who step up and provide support to make Heilbronn Slush’D a smashing success.​
  • Please reach out to us HERE if you would like to become a partner and support the event and startup ecosystem!


  • No! If you are a service provider and would like to participate, Heilbronn Slush’D offers several options to become a partner or sponsor at the event.​ However, there is no regular ticket for service providers to purchase.​
  • Request partnership options HERE.


  • For startups, we offer opportunities to attend, to exhibit, and pitch on stage.
    • Request an invitation HERE.
  • For innovative companies and other established organizations we offer the opportunity to attend, exhibit, become a sponsor, or main partner of Heilbronn Slush’D.
    • Request more information HERE.