Heilbronn Slush‘D, the ultimate festival for visionary entrepreneurs, innovative startups, leading institutes, forward-thinking investors, and cutting-edge companies. With its robust network, dynamic environment and emerging as Europe‘s Nr. 1 startup ecosystem, Heilbronn Slush‘D offers an unparalleled platform for future-founders to connect, collaborate, and showcase their ground-breaking ideas. 

why is it Slush´D

Slush’D is a community-driven movement that empowers teams across the globe to create events for their local ecosystems – all in the spirit of Slush’s mission “to create and help founders that change the world”. In 2022, among 80 global applicants, Campus Founders secured the exclusive rights to host Slush'D in Germany. Slush, starting as the original startup festival in Helsinki, is a non-profit and the world’s largest gathering of VC – delivering actionable company-building advice and bringing together the who’s who in startups. Today, it has grown into one of the most renowned startup gatherings, attracting over 13,000 attendees.

Under this year's motto, entrepreneurial students, startups, institutes, investors, and innovative companies meet at eye level to drive the future forward through the empowerment of startups and co-innovation in a strong ecosystem. The common goal is to create an edge over the competition, be it through the application of new technologies such as AI, through a strong network, new business models or inspiring contributions from thought leaders and industry experts.

Campus Founders believes that everyone can act entrepreneurially and provides the inspiration, mindsets, role models, and holistic support needed on this entrepreneurial journey. Through programs that combine practical experience, top-trends in innovation, founder-friendly values, financial support, and a global network, Campus Founders creates a safe and productive environment for founders and innovators to create sustainable entrepreneurial impact. Our mission is to empower and accelerate founders and innovators to launch impact-creating startups, both in Germany and the broader international market.


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