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Congrats on being selected to pitch or host a table at Heilbronn Slush'D!

First, don’t forget to fill out the registration form to confirm your invitation to speak on stage or host a table!

Deadline: Sep 11 @ Midnight

Pitching Your Startup

Here are some things to be aware of when pitching your startup on stage at Heilbronn Slush’D! 
Don’t forget to confirm your invite before Sep 11 at midnight!

Deck Due: Sep 15

You need to send your final 4-min pitch deck by Sep 15th to Corey Wright at, or risk losing your spot!

PPT Format!

When you submit your pitch deck to our team, please use a 16×9 format PowerPoint file with all videos, fonts, and files embedded.


Slush’D is an international event, so please remember that slides and presenting must be in English.

4 Minutes

You’ll get a maximum of 4 minutes to pitch to investors on stage, followed by 1 minute of questions. 

1 Speaker

Sorry, but we only allow 1 person on stage per startup. Have your cofounders waiting near by to follow up with curious investors!

Check In Time!

If you are pitching on stage at Heilbronn Slush’D, please check-in at the event before 11 am on 22 Sep 22! Earlier is better!

All startups pitching at Heilbronn Slush’D need to purchase startup tickets for each attending team member. Please do so at this link if you haven’t yet!

Pitch Tracks & Order of Pitches (Final)

General Tech: Stage 1 @ 2:00 PM

1. Your Easy AI GmbH

2. Threedy



5. Fluid Systems & Automation GmbH

Industry 4.0: Stage 1 @ 4:00 PM

1. Wattro


3. Riiico

4. Forecasty.AI

5. DELFA Systems

Data Tech: Stage 1 @ 6:00 PM

1. Quasara



4. Cryptowerk

5. Black Forest AI GmbH

LearnTech: Stage 2 @ 2:45 PM

1. Academa

2. Reteach

3. Peers Solutions

4. Innential

5. TBD

LearnTech: Stage 2 @ 3:30 PM

1. Chunkx

2. Optimo

3. Elephant Company

4. RocketTutor

5. TBD

Health & MedTech: Stage 2 @ 4:30 PM

1. Redwave Medical

2. Patronus Health

3. Noxon

4. Actimi

5. act’ble GmbH

SDG Enablers: Stage 2 @ 6:45 PM

1. phelas


3. ecoro

4. Circonomit

5. Atlas

How the prizes work…

Hosting a Table

Here’s the “deets” on hosting a startup table at Heilbronn Slush’D.
Don’t forget to confirm your invite before Sep 11 at midnight!

Deadline: Sep 11

You need to confirm your invite by Sep 11th and send Corey Wright at any details or requests regarding your table.

Cost = 500 €

Table’s at Heilbronn Slush’D cost 500 €. If you have a discount code, let us know. Invoices will be sent by the end of the month.

2 Tickets Included

The table cost includes 2 free tickets for founders. If you already purchased tickets, the cost will be discounted in your invoice.

Space Details

You’ll get a high table, 2 chairs, electricity, wifi, early event access, and early “open pitch” access in a 2×2 meter area in the startup fair at Heilbronn Slush’D.

What to Bring

We recommend bringing a laptop or tablet to demo your product, a stand-up banner, and business cards and swag to hand out to attendee. The table area will include a sign with your logo.

Check In Time!

If you are hosting a table at Heilbronn Slush’D, please check-in at the event before 10 am on 22 Sep 22! Earlier is better!

If you’d like to have additional team members attend Heilbronn Slush’D, you can purchase additional tickets (beyond the 2 included with your table) at this link!

Startup Tables (Final)













Rocket Tutor




Pitching Investors

Here’s some tips and tricks for your pitch deck and pitching strategy, applicable whether you are pitching on stage or at your table. 

A strong 4-minute pitch should include at minimum the following items:

Greet the audience, let them know who you are and the name of your startup. This is also a great place to include your short 1-sentence tagline, as well as a nice image that directly explains what you are doing.

Tell a story about the problem you solve. Personification using customer examples is a good trick. Don’t forget to quantify the amount of time, money, or quality issues the customer has dealing with the problem.

Explain the solution to the audience. Take them through the new experience you are creating for your customer. Make sure to show / demo your product if possible!

What is unique about your solution? What is the underlying USP? What’s the underlying secret sauce, IP, or advantage you have?

Briefly mention the market you are playing in, including the revenue potential for your startup at scale. Smart founders will mention their TAM/SAM/SOM, and how they plan to acquire customers.

Use a competitor matrix to briefly highlight how customers are currently solving this problem, and what sets your solution apart. 

Mention your business model and pricing, and talk about the key assumptions you are considering in how you will acquire revenue. What are the numbers, behind the numbers?

Show who’s in your founding team, and why you are positioned to succeed when others often don’t. Be confident and give ample time to this section. If you are an early-stage startup, mention your next key hires that funding will support.

What traction do you have? You just shared about your great team; now follow up with examples of how your team knows how to execute, gain momentum, and growth a business!

What are you actually pitching for? Let investors know if you are raising a round, how much it is, and what kind of funding you are looking for. Make sure to abide by all securities offering laws and regulations when doing so.

Finishing things off by reminding the audience why this is a unique opportunity, why you will change the world, and why they should reach out to you sooner than later!

The order and amount of time per section will vary depending on the startup. However, the given template usually does a good job at covering the key details in a 4 minute time slot. 

Feel like a 4 minute pitch is just not enough time? Check out this example from Big Willy G, and how he covered most of the above items in only 3 minutes!


It’s ok to smile, make a joke, and have fun on stage or off. Let people get to know you and your personality a bit, in a tasteful manner!

Remember, a good pitch is about giving investors a sample of what your startup is doing, not explaining every detail. If there were no questions at the end, there would be no reason for an investor to reach out to you later!

When you answer investors’ questions, answer quickly and to the point. The more time the investors have to ask you additional questions, the better!

We recommend that you practice with your team or in front of a mirror at least 20 times, before the event. Get so that you are pitching in your dreams! It also helps to write down what you want to say, refine it, and then memorize it.

Make sure you have your elevator pitch practices and ready to go for when you aren’t at your booth or the stage!

Using stories to explain what your startup is doing will help your pitch be memorable and stick in the investors’ minds.

Remember to pause at the important parts of your pitch. You’d be surprised how a few moments of silence in between sections will make the audience focus their gaze back on you!

Remember that the goal of a good pitch deck isn’t to immediately get money. It’s to open investor’s minds to your vision and get them excited to know more.

Look at examples of other good pitches to help you develop your own. For example, search “TechStars Demo Day Pitches” on Youtube to see some good examples!

Every startup is different, so let your deck showcase that! But…….. Make sure you cover the key elements mentioned above, and keep it to 4 minutes! 😉

If there are sentences in your slides, it’s too much text. If there is more than an old-school tweet of 140 characters in any one slide, it’s probably too much text. Keep things clean, trim, and give your slides room! Icons are your friend.

Make sure you don’t state assumptions that you don’t have good data or logic for. It’s fine to have assumptions, but don’t be silly. 😉 

It can be tempting to share all of the details of your product but avoid the urge. Focus on explaining the problem, and how your solution addresses the underlying problems to create value.

There’s a great saying, “If you ask for money, you’ll get advice. If you ask for advice, you might eventually get some money.”  When speaking individually with investors, try to understand what they are looking for, instead of asking right away for money.

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Considering starting a business soon after graduating?
You can find Heilbronn Slush’d there. Join the event; you won’t regret it.
You will leave the event with lifelong memories and top-notch contacts in the start-up sector.