Why ONE as concept?

The Heilbronn Slush’D event concept revolves around the word ONE and the number 1 - THE ONE BIG IDEA - the ONE event/festival that will happen for the first time (1st) in Heilbronn and will run from 1pm until 1am.

We come to Heilbronn Slush’D to learn, to share, to meet and to inspire each other with our stories, lessons, experience, knowledge, tips and enthusiasm. The word ONE signifies and represents an unlimited amount of opportunities which begin with a 1st step and the responsibility for oneself. Any new venture begins with one idea from one individual or one group together equally. The ONE logo represents all of these ideas and concepts into ONE design.

The O represents a circle and us all joined together - but also the ONE individual

Together as ONE community and ONE ecosystem
Together as ONE for a singular unified purpose or reason
Together we are ONE
Within the N is the number 1. It represents the first time that Slush’D will be held in Heilbronn and that the event will run from 1pm until 1am. 1 is also read as one.
Within the E there is a speech bubble - representing that the circle of knowledge, communication and the sharing that never ends and will continue and has always been the essence of human learning and progress.