See and to be seen, find and to be found at the ONE

Heilbronn Slush’D represents a networking get-together on a whole new level, which the city of Heilbronn has never seen before and, as such, creates a concept and opportunity that has found a place in this year‘s Heilbronn’s Slush’D event.

The vision is the mission

„Slush“ was formed in 2008 with the concept to connect students and giving them a unique ad-venture space in which they can present their ideas, perspectives, and visions and share them amongst a freshly created network. A network of people seeking new ideas from inspiring individuals.

Slush itself is a startup whose roots began with an initial vision and idea. The first event originally took place in Helsinki by a small startup to connect 250 local investors in Helsinki and has gradually, over the years, made a name in the business environment as one of THE events to take part in „Slush“ has been born, a non-profit organization with the purpose to offer an entrepreneurial domain, made by students for students. It has since grown into so much more.

However the mission remains the same: To gather together the next generation of startups, and future investors together! Learning, forging plans, exchanging ideas, the do’s and don’t, the tips and tricks, and a place they can FIND and build the ONE.

At Heilbronn Slush’D we will strive to help accomplish your goals.

©️ Slush